We are currently testing out new features in the Tekkit mod pack to possibly be implemented during an upcoming server overhaul. If you would like to join us, you'll have to download the Technic Launcher.

Once upon a time, I discovered Minecraft. After many long and painful struggles, I managed to successfully put up a private server for me and my friends, and The Land of Q was born! I planned big community buildings and statues, Ian erected the eternally unfinished Notchford University, Reid vomited modern art into the form of a river house, and Jon hoarded all our natural resources. We slowly nurtured our beautiful land into a thriving community! Unfortunately, the bigger it got, the emptier it got, until one day I decided to look into allowing guests. And after a few unfortunate failures, I finally found a great way to do just that!

So here's how the initiation process works: upon entering, you will not be placed into The Land of Q directly, but instead onto a second planet named Oposum. Here, guests can build, talk to other guests and members, and just have fun. Because the area is unhindered, griefers have to be expected, and while they will banned, they'll still probably mess crap up first. The rules in this buffer zone will have to be decided by its users, as will the enforcement of them. So what's the purpose of this area? To judge you. I mean, not exactly to... actually, no, it's to judge you.


If you visit our server regularly, build stuff, don't break rules, etc, you will eventually be deemed a trustworthy person and you will gain access to the TARDIS. You read right: we have a fully-functioning TARDIS connecting our worlds. If you don't know what a TARDIS is, just search for the object on the right. You're also an awful person. After entering the TARDIS and marvelling at how it is indeed bigger on the inside, you can simply head for the exit door and you'll be in The Land of Q! You'll be initiated as a full citizen, which means that though you'll be subjected to much stricter regulations, you'll have no fear of griefers or any other adversity, and you'll be able to visit and live in our charished cities, and even build your own!

So come and join us! Just copy and paste the address below to get started!