Here I will be posting in moderate detail the progress of our upcoming videos. The more developed projects will be nearer the top and will be accompanied by more detailed concept art or screenshots. Hopefully this will make it seem less like we're doing absolutely nothing for long periods of time. However, I'm extremely unreliable in terms of planning, so all information on this page is subject to change. Nothing is safe. NOTHING.

The Guards Themselves The Guards Themselves - Post-Production Live-Action Film | 60-70 min | Kyle Sullivan, Ian Conn, Jefferey Neely, Reid Sullivan In a city where an elite group of selfish and wealthy individuals have absolute influence over its citizens, local anarchists have organized themselves into a single force with the goal of sabotaging the corrupt corporate figureheads. When their headquarters are raided by the police and most of their ranks arrested, the five remaining anarchists must regroup, rebuild, and retaliate against those who are hunting them down while continuing their original goal of returning power to the people of the city.
A Fable III Experience A Fable III Experience - Production Animated Parody | 10 min | Kyle Sullivan, Ian Conn, Josiah Brooks, Mick Lauer That's right, everyone's favorite bandana-clad hero is back for his final parody adventure! It will probably be released in two parts, because it's over twice as long as the last episode. Animation is under way, and will be resumed soon after completion of The Guards Themselves. However long it takes, I remain confident that it will be as entertaining as the final Fable Experience should.
Yoda's Christmas Yoda's Christmas - Pre-Production Animated Parody | 14-15 min | Kyle Sullivan, Ricky Linn, Ian Conn This is exactly what it looks like: a remake of my very first, most viewed, and most technically deficient Star Wars Christmas special of all. Yoda goes on an angry rampage every Christmas, and the Jedi Council decides to finally get to the bottom of it. The script has been entirely rewritten, and let me tell you, it's beautiful. I will attempt to have this out by Christmas of 2014. But we all know how this goes by now, don't we?
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