Kyle Kyle Sullivan
Animator, Filmmaker, Professional Computer Wrestler

Kyle began producing internet-based media at age 14, and since then has made cartoons, films, comics, and websites. After graduating from high school a year early, Kyle started the film program at the Art Institute of Austin. He also feels awkward when writing about himself in the third person.

Ian Ian Conn
Wordsmith, Podcast Host, Dark Lord of Kitten Smuggling

After graduating from high school at a normal time, Ian went on to Baylor University to study Latin and Greek classics, becoming much smarter than Kyle anyway. He acts as a consultant for all major White Lightning HQ ideas and plans, helps with writing, and is the most entertaining host of White Noise {a podcast}.

Jon Jon Currie
Food Supplier, Everything Else, G.I. Joe

Jon was the first member of White Lightning HQ other than Kyle, was the original third host of White Noise, and has helped with a wide variety of projects; unfortunately, most of these were never released. Jon is currently stationed in South Korea as a soldier for the U.S. Military. He also makes good food.

Reid Reid Sullivan
Weapons Engineer, Faceless Character Actor, Card Shark

Ok, I guess technically Reid's been around longer, being Kyle's brother. You may not recognize him as that silent guy with a covered face and guns from any number of videos. He also inspires many skit ideas, designs weaponry for various characters, and incites the rage of the Cedar Park Police Department.

Ricky Ricky Linn
Actor, Critic, Balloon Wrangler

Ricky is currently working on a degree of some kind at Texas Tech University. He just kind of pops in every now and then to help with a video or two, and then, as mysteriously as he arrived, he's gone. His biggest contribution has been his help in writing Yoda's Christmas. He also harshly "edits" all of our most important scripts.

JP JP De Ovando
Musician, Magician, Ghostbuster

JP can sing and play at least three different instruments (closer to 503 if you really count the keyboard), and has composed all of our original music. He's also made some cameo appearences in a few videos, including Gary the Misanthrope. He will soon be attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Jefferey Jefferey Neely
Actor, Leprechaun, Legend

After suddenly moving to Tennessee, Jefferey's connection to the internet and, subsequently, to us was entirely lost; though he did manage to slip in some historical voice-acting as Yarael Poof in Yoda's Christmas before he left. He has since returned, and now helps out with small projects here and there.

Ethan Ethan Gelinas
Podcast Host, Voice Actor, Owl-Themed Superhero by Night

Ethan became a member of White Lightning HQ after joining us as the new third host of White Noise {a podcast}. He has taken animation lessons from Kyle for several years, and will hopefully be making his own videos soon. He'll be helping primarily with voice acting in the future.